Advisory services are services from an expert that are giving an understanding, even if a glimpse, into that expert’s world. The expert provides you with their knowledge as well as actions you, the business, can take that stems from that expert’s world.

An Advisory is a place to go for advice.

As an Advisory, we specialize in building accounting systems business owners can utilize. We make sure you understand how to use those systems and how to read the reports those systems produce. Accounting and the related reports are all just a form of storytelling. We teach you to read and write this language.

Understand what the numbers are saying.

Part of being a business owner is understanding every aspect of your business. When it comes to accounting, this isn’t always about understanding how it happens, but, what the reports mean. We work with you to ensure you understand how the numbers on the page are telling your business’s story.

Understand why your accounting team is asking you questions.

We always welcome the question, “why are you asking?” And, with time, we’re confident you’ll start to enjoy asking this question yourself. When the answer is a complicated one, we’ll ask you how much you want to know. And we’ll check in with you along the way.

Who should use an Advisory?

Are you a business owner? Does your business support you, your family, and your lifestyle? Would like someone by your side to help you understand how your business decisions affect your financial story?

You should be using an Advisory

As a business owner, you birthed a business in your area of expertise. You’re driving it forward and your making change in the world – whether that’s by putting change in your own pocket or improving the world in some manner or another, you’re making change. But your business needs more than your zone of genius to thrive. These needs might be a bit scary or unapproachable for you, so, you hire the work out. From Marketing to graphic design to sales, you’re outside of your comfort zone. But, you do these things because you must. Your baby needs them to grow and thrive, after all. And these experts produce immediately observable results. Increased sales, efficiency, or public perception are immediately measurable with increased revenues or increased time for the business owner to drive increased revenues.

But how do you really know that your revenues are increasing?

Accounting is your secret weapon to telling your business’s financial story. You can point to the things you do, sales you make, and changes in operations with words. Accounting allows your to quantify these actions.

So why are you leaving your accounting behind?

Small business owners usually have one of two experiences with their accounting. This may not be you. It may only be partly you.

  1. You check your bank account to make sure you can cover your expenses, and transfer money to your personal checking account from time to time. Sometime after year-end, you scramble to gather all of the income and expenses together to file your tax return. It’s all about compliance. And you’re usually missing something.
  2. You pay someone you rarely speak with to take care of your accounting for you. They call or email you with questions once a month or so. You get annoyed because you’re paying a bookkeeper to take care of it all for you. And then, after year end when you send your accounting to your tax preparer, they still have questions. What did you even pay that bookkeeper for? And why is the tax preparer asking all these questions when it’s all right there in the accounting file?

So what’s a small business owner to do when they need accounting help? Why would you pay for services that you don’t see any value from? Why are you still working with accounting professionals who don’t listen to your needs? Why are you still putting off your accounting?

I’m guessing, at least in part, it’s because you haven’t met Crayon Advisory.

Okay okay. I might be a little bit biased. But, really, we are a bit different. We help you draw the lines and decide when it’s okay to color outside of them. This is what makes your business’s financial story.

We’re storytellers before we’re anything else. And, we’re here to help you write and understand your business’s financial story. We partner with you, the business owner, to develop an accounting system that works for you and your business. That system is more than which small business accounting software you’re using. We consider who you have available to do the work, who is actually doing the work, and how that work can be done in the most efficient manner possible.

Because accounting is about more than recording numbers.

We take advantage of the latest and greatest technology to ensure you know the state of the business at any given time. Yes, this part is about recording numbers. More so, it’s about making sure the numbers are in the right and best spot.

What’s holding you back from writing your business’s financial story? Reach out to start a new chapter today.