Tax and Advisory Services

Services designed specifically for your and your creative business to provide you with actionable information. Generally speaking, around here, these are going to be related to the language of business: money

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Income Tax Planning and Preparation

It’s one of the two things we’re guaranteed in life. But, taxes don’t have to be painful. Let us take away the stress of taxes.


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Office Hours

This is a new offering beginning in January 2023 for returning clients, and new clients being invited to join in February 2023. This is a support program to help you get through the big things and identify what further support might be helpful for you and your business.

This service is new, and doesn’t yet have a home on this website. We’re expecting to release full details on January 2, 2023. For now though, the highlights:

  • Monthly Office Hours for a bit of training and a quick chat or a bit of time to be productive;
  • Quickly identify when you’re needing more support, what that support might look like, and what kind of capacity we have to provide it;
  • Monthly checklist to help you complete your accounting tasks
  • Additional tools and resources to support you in your business planning needs.


Accounting Software & System Design (or Repair)

Is your accounting working for you, or are you working for it? Stop being tied to a system that isn’t as beneficial for you as it needs to be. Schedule an overview of your current accounting system and receive recommendations to optimize your accounting system. Or, have us design a system from the ground up.

Business Owner's Accounting Tour

You started a business, and you keep track of your income and expenses somewhere. But, is it optimal? Are you doing yourself favors? Or are you running around in circles? Do you understand what your financial reports are telling you? Do your financial reports reflect your business’s story?

Lean in to your business’s finances and unleash your inner accountant.