Is it safe to put my personal identifying information on this form?

Cognito Forms is fully encrypted. It meets the IRS’s standards for this. I only ask for PII (Personal Identification Information) through secure and encrypted channels. As an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS, I am bound to ethical standards defined by the IRS, which include standards about data sharing.


Can I just send you my information by email?

I use Cognito Forms to gather tax information during tax return prep. Once you are a client, you’ll also be set up with a portal through Onvio, which is a product from Thomson Reuters. Both Cognito Forms and Onvio are securely encrypted.

Email is not secure, and should not be used for transmitting Personal  Identification Information.


Where do I start with working with you?

There’s two steps to working with me: an introductory survey and a virtual meet and greet. These will give me information about you, be able to price out your return, and get things started. During this process, I’ll learn a bit more about you and what’s going on in your financial life and how I can help with your tax return.

What information do you need for my tax return?

Your tax return is yours; there’s no one size fits all.  I can list off common forms I’ll need a copy of: W2s, 1099s (all types) 1098s, etc., but that won’t cover everything.

I ask that you start by completing your organizer. You received a link to it with your Engagement Letter, in your actual Engagement Letter, and I’ll even leave a link here for you. Note: if you have a business that files a tax returns separate from your indivdiual tax return, you’ll also need to complete this entity organizer.

Completing the organizer really is incredibly helpful and necessary. Yes, if I say I need the information, I really do need it. And I need it to come from you.

The next step is to upload your tax documents to your portal. When you complete your organizer, you’ll have an opportunity to download a copy. You can use this pdf as a shopping list to gather information and upload it to your secure client portal.