Let’s get to work

The Preparation Cycle

Let’s get to work

THE Preparation Cycle

Whether we’re preparing a tax return, a tax plan, a projection, or something else entirely, There’s a cycle to the process we follow pretty consistently. Sometimes there’s something for us to do, and sometimes it’s for you. This page is all about demystifying each step along the way.


Crayon Advisory Interaction

These steps are us reaching out to you. These include  sending you an engagement letter and initial informationr equest, additional information, details and explainations, summaries, and final deliverables.


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Client Activity

Before we can get started on anything, we do need information from you. These steps along the way are things for you to do. Keep in mind, if these steps are done later than a prescribed due date, your project will be delayed, and those delays may be siginificant.

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Crayon Advisory Behind the Scenes

These are times when we’re doing things behind the scenes. We might be taking a closer look at the information you’ve provided, running an analysis, preparing, or even assembling your tax return. We don’t tend to provide updates during these processes.

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Secure Client Portals

We use two! Suralink’s Request Management List lets us communicate about specific documents. The Onvio Client Center lets me easily deliver tax returns and for you to esign your efile authorization.