Activity Book

Our Activity Book is here to help you understand your business’s finances and project and plan your tax return during the year

Your business taxes are more than just your annual tax return

We’ve built up this sketchbook tailored to business owners to help you:

  • Meet your bookkeeping needs and goals
  • Better understand your business
  • Project and predict your taxes due for the year
  • Be proactive with your business and make decisions with knowledge and understanding

That yellow button will take you to an Activity Book built for clients with a bookkeeper. Yes it’s the same names. No, it’s not the same costs or services. No, you can’t opt-in to those packages if you do your own bookkeeping. Yes, your spouse or partner counts as you for these purposes. Unless your spouse or partner is a bookkeeper or other accounting professional who provides their services to other clients for a fee.

Monthly Subscription
Updated Taxable Income Projections
PTET Projections
Tax Projection Delivery Video
Tax Strategy Identification
Reasonable Compensation Analysis
Partnership Profits Analysis
Customized Tax Strategy Explanation
Tax Strategy Analysis
Tax Strategy Implementation
Reminder Emails: Things You Should Know
Reconciliation Reminders
Recorded Training Videos
Live CoWorking & AMA
Bookkeeping Assessment
Customized Reconciliation Reminders
Customized Accounting Guides
Add-Ons Available
Pass-Through Entity Tax Return Preparation Starting Fee
State Pass Through Activity
Bookkeeping with Tax Return
After the Fact Tax Planning
Tax Return Delivery Videos
Estimate Reminders
Mid-Year Survey(s)
Year-End Survey
Paint by Number

$527 - 697+ /month

tax projections


tax planning & strategy

accounting & bookkeeping support


tax return preparation

prices below are in addition to monthly activity book subscription

Connect the Dots

$187 - 257+ /month

tax projections


tax planning & strategy

accounting & bookkeeping support


tax return preparation

prices below are in addition to monthly activity book subscription

$437 minimum
Find Your Match

$97 - 127+ /month

tax projections


tax planning & strategy

accounting & bookkeeping support


tax return preparation

prices below are in addition to monthly activity book subscription

$325 minimum
$697 minimum
Tax Prep Only

tax projections

tax planning & strategy

accounting & bookkeeping support


tax return preparation

prices below are in addition to monthly activity book subscription

$525 minimum
$757 minimum

These Advisory Plans are illustrative and subject to change. While we strive for revisions to be simultaenous, we don’t know when you’ve reviwed these offerings and how that correlates and compares to the sign-up form. Your engagement letter will have full details on the package you opt-in to.

Why do these exist? Can't you just charge for what I want?

In theory, yes, we could just charge for the things you want. But, that's not how we're doing things around here. Crayon Advisory was started as a place to provide education to clients and help them feel empowered in understanding their tax situation. That doesn't mean all the answers come at once, or that clients will have a complete understanding right away.

Which Package Should I Choose?

It's a really good question, and one you'll need to answer. You might consider how much experience you have with accounting, how confident you are in your bookkeeper, and how many journal entries you get back with your tax return.

I use a bookkeeper. What's my best option?

We've built a Tax Activity Book to use with a bookkeeper here. These service offerings are focused on just the tax projections and planning as well as tax things you should know about.

Will you recommend an activity pack for me?

In some instances, yes! We've built these packages to support a wide variety of clients. If you're a current client, we've likely even considered where in here you likely fit. If you're unsure and want some help picking a package, reach out with what your concerns are about the differences between two packages.

What's the difference between tax projections and tax planning?

Both of these concepts look to the future and try to make predictions.

During a tax projection, we make use of information currently available and project forward. And, yes, we can adjust for future expected income and expenses. We do this to estimate taxable income and start to understand what your total taxable income looks like at the end of the year. That projected taxable income is based on what's already on the reel though.

During Tax Planning, we take that information from the projection and we ask, what-if. We look at different options you can take that will impact your taxable income in a variety of ways. Your Paint by Number package includes one variable. Additional variables can be added based on your specific needs. Examples of what may be added are provided quarterly. The additional fee is charged during quarterly planning & projections.


Why do these package costs have ranges?

We firmly believe and fully recognize there is no one-size-fits-all solution to everyone. Your business and tax return is different from the next, even if you're in the same industry, have the same size business, and the same changes to project, predict, and plan for as the business next to you. Some of those include:

  • Number of owners involved
  • Bookkeeping/accounting software
  • States & Localities
  • Number of employees
  • Other factors that can be explained with delivery of your engagement letter


How do we get started?

Full disclosure: this FAQ is built out before the buttons and the forms to get started. Here's there theory though:

  • You'll select the package you feel is most appropriate for you
  • You'll be taken to a form that will build your engagement letter and the starting cost
  • I'll get that information, set up recurring billing, and update you of any fee increases as a result of your tax situation

And if you want to know before diving in, you can always ask. 

I want a full quote before I get started

I can understand that. If your business has additional complications and you'd like to havea  quote prior to making a decision, I fully support that. Just send us an email and we'll work up that quote for you.

Can I change my package?

You can downgrade or cancel your advisory services at any time, effective the following month.

You will receive the services and benefits for the highest level of participation for two months out of every quarter.

If you downgrade in or for the third month of the quarter, you'll still receive the benefits of the higher level of service for that quarter. However, you will not be able to increase your service level until the beginning of the following quarter.

If you increase your level of service in the first or second month of the quarter, you will receive the benefits and services for the higher level of service in that quarter. If you increase your level of service in the third or fourth month of the quarter (yes, there are some quarters with four months!), you will receive the lower level of service for that quarter, however, any monthly benefits you will receive the higher level of service for that month.


When are the quarters?

Crayon Advisory operates on IRS quarters. Advisory Services revolve around those quarters.

Q1 January 1st - March 31st

As of the set-up of this program, there's not much happening in Q1. Estimated payments are prepared with the tax return and are based on safe harbor. This may change for 2024.

Q2 April 1st - May 31st

  • Projections and similar delivered between June 10th and June 30th. For 2023, this delivery is extended to July 15th.
  • Becuase this quarter is so short, you may not opt-in to a higher package during this quarter.

Q3 June 1st - August 31st

  • Projections and similar delivered between September 12th and September 30th
  • Last day to opt in to a higher package and have it be effective for the quarter is July 15th. You'll be charged the difference between your current package and the higher package for July if you opt-in to a higher level of service.

Q4 September 1st - December 31st

  • Projections and similar delivered between November 20th and January 10th of the following year
  • Last day to opt in to a higher package and have it be effective is October 15th. You'll be charged the difference between your current package and the higher package for October if you opt-in to a higher level of service.
I'd like something in-between these packages.

Okay. That's not really a question, but it's a statement I anticipate hearing. These packages have been built out so as many peoples' needs can be met as possible. We're not offering options in-between these packages. The Paint by Number and Connect the Dots levels of service will allow you to opt-in to additional services you may need. There are fees associated with these services.

I want tax planning and I use a bookkeeper. What do I do?

Right now, these packages aren't right-sized for this situation. We can make that happen though. Let us know and we can customize your package a little bit.

Why is there so much about my bookkeeping?

Your accounting and bookkeeping are the heartbeat of your tax return. Without these, your tax return won't be accurate. A solid, clean set of books is the best way to ensure a smooth and easy tax season. That takes work and input from you during the year. And it's not something you should have to do alone, or feel alone in doing. These packages have been built up so we can walk beside you during the year.

Why not just charge more for my tax return? Aren't I spending more?

Yes, these packages will end up costing more in total. But, you'll end up with bookkeeping that's more prepared for an audit, and more able to answer questions for your future self. It's also more possible for us to pop in and answer a quick question for you because we know the books are being kept up well and correctly during the year.

What are the other and additional services that may be offered?

Try as we might, we know these packages can't be all-encompassing of everything you may need. Other and additional services you may opt into include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating Agreement Review
  • Entity Selection & Planning
  • Accounting Software Selection & Migration/Conversion Support
  • Accounting Software Tours & Training
  • Other 1:1 Specified Training
  • Bookkeeping Lookback & Reset.


The thing I need isn't included. How much will it cost me?

The cost of other and additional services will depend on the Activity Book you select as well as your particular business. You will be quoted with a cost and specifics of the work to be done when requested. This keeps overall costs down and provides a high level of flexibility. It also ensures we're able to work with you regularly and provide you with the best possible advice we can give.