Advisory Services

Regular support supports your tax return preparation.

your taxes are more than your tax reutrn.

Advisory Services

Your taxes are more than your tax return.

Advisory Services

Advisory is what comes before your tax return – sales and expenses, cash flow – highs and lows that show up in your accounting.

Advisory is projections and planning and options – does that strategy you heard about at your networking group work for you? What about a different one you haven’t heard about?

Advisory is preventing that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you tell us your accounting is ready for tax return preparation – is it okay? Are there big changes that have to be made for the tax return? – because we’ve worked together all year for the tax return to be easy.

Advisory is the support before, during, and after tax return preparation. We offer our current tax clients advisory packages that support them in answering larger questions. We also offer an Office Hours The answer to these questions – and almost all accounting and tax questions – is it depends. It depends on your business, your entity structure, your goals, your cash flow, and more.

A la Carte

Direct Support

Smaller, more immediate services are available to Office Hours members. As a new client, you'll be invited to join Office Hours during onboarding. Click the link to join the waiting list.


Accounting Software Tour & Training


Sometimes a bit more in-depth or direct training is necessary to get you off and running. This is usually a two hour long virtual call in which we'll go over as much as possible about your accounting software.

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Custom Process Development

$197 - $697+

Accounting often comes down to having, understanding, and following a prescribed procedure. And sometimes that procedure is highly customized to your business. We'll work with you to develop a procedure built for 


Mid Year/Year End Accounting Support

$527 - $1,227

If we're not already working together on your accounting, a mid year or year-end support check-in can help you understand where your accounting is at and what might need to be done prior to your getting started on your tax return.

Advisory - Planning

Customized Packages

From entity planning and selection, business purchase due diligence, to selecting and setting up a a new system, we build packages customized to you and your business's needs.


Customized Monthly Support

$327 - $1,497+

Closing the books can be hard, and group setting support isn't always the right fit. If you're not working with a bookkeeper and need more regular support, we can build a package that fits your needs. Customized monthly packages are limited for 2023 and may not be offered to every client.


Business Entity Planning & Selection

$647 - $2,497+

Whether you're just getting started and need some guidance, are considering changing your entity type, or are looking at a change in ownership, we build packages for you to review your current information, collaborate with your attorney, and help you understand the tax impact and implications of your upcoming decisions.

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Business Purchase Support

$1,927 - $4,550

You've started a new business. Or maybe you're considering purchasing a new business. We'll take a look at what currently exists, model the potential, and help you understand the decisions you need to make during start up.


Accounting Software Set up & Conversion

$997 - $2,847

Ready to dive into accounting software? Or make a change from one system to another? We'll poke around at your current software, help you make decisions about which software is right for you, and support you through set up/conversion and implementation.

Megan Justice, EA, LTC # 1922313-C

Your Crayon & Tax Advisor

Hai! I’m Megan, and, yes, that is an origami crane made from ledger paper on my head. I live and breathe taxes and accounting. I’ve spent 20 years honing my skills working with small and medium business owners to help bring peace through understanding in their financial lives. Now, I’m putting all of my experience, compassion, and passion together for you to take advantage of.


Do you have a tax situation you need help with? Do you own a business or have a rental property? Investments? Income from multiple states coming in? A new job or baby that is creating a need to plan that you didn’t have before? We’re here to help.

Collaboration & Planning

Whether you have a longstanding relationship with other financial professionals or are looking to build your team from the ground up, collaborating so you can plan and be informed is a big piece of the tax puzzle. 

Partnerships & Scorporations

We love pass-through entities! From making that initial entity selection to preparing returns annually to working with your business as it grows, we’re here to make sure running your business is what you do.

Informational Reporting

There is so much informational reporting required. Whether that’s just 1099s annually, helping you stay on top of payroll, or even working through sales tax questions and nexus concerns, your reporting is of the utmost importance.

Notices & Representation

Okay. So everything is filed, sent in, and you received a notice. Now what? Don’t shove that notice in a drawer somewhere. Send it to us. We’ll explain the notice to you, walk you through next steps, and help you stay in compliance.

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